Must do things in Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka should be on everyones bucket list! Sri Lanka is full of diverse landscapes, rich culture and really good food! It has quickly become one of our favorite countries and we want to show you why!

Here are 10 things you just cannot miss when visiting Sri Lanka!

1. Visit the Nine Arch Bridge in Ella Sri Lanka

A short walk along a lush path will show you the way to the Nine Arch Bridge. The Bridge in the sky, is truly a breathtaking sight! The bridge 25 meter high bridge is surrounded by tea plantations and palm trees. It is definitely worth the visit especially when you get there as a train comes past.

2. Stroll around Galle Fort

In the 18th century, the Dutch build their headquarters, Galle Fort, on the Sri Lankan coast. The old beautiful buildings are now quirky shops, vibrant cafe’s and delicious restaurants. It is also a UNESCO world heritage sight to preserve it’s unique beauty!. We suggest grabbing an ice-cream and sauntering through the street doing shopping. End off your day with a sunset from the fort wall.

3. Hike up Pidurangala

Pidurangala rock in Sigiriya is a few kilometers away from the famous Sigiriya rock. It is actually the perfect place to view Sigiriya rock or Lion rock in all it’s glory. The top of the rock can be reached by walking through a wild jungle path. It opens up onto a large rock surface with incredible views and the perfect place to watch a sunrise.

4. Take the train between Kandy & Ella

This train ride used to be only locals but then it got instagram famous overnight! Grab a second class ticket for less than two dollars and hop on for a 7 hour journey! It’s very cheap therefore you will definitely get a great local experience. The second class ticket is popular for instagramers because you get to hang out the side doors on the train! Just be careful as the train moves fast and the railings are slippery!

5. Visit Diyaluma falls

At 220m high Diyaluma falls is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is a great spot for a day hike if you have the time! Take your swimsuit with and hike to one of the many rock pools at the top of the falls. Here you can spend the day exploring and having a picnic. There isn’t a obvious path so take care and rather ask a local guide for help.

6. Explore Coconut tree hill in Mirissa

This might not be a huge attraction but Coconut tree hill in Mirissa is a great spot to visit any time of day. Mirrisa has loads to do with secret beaches, coconuts galore and even whale watching! Mirissa in Sri Lanka is a surfers paradise and definitely a hit for the laid back crowd.

7. Go to a National Park

Elephants are a big thing in Sri Lanka but you should only support seeing them in the wild. Thankfully there are some great National Parks in Sri Lanka where you can do just that! We visited Uduwalawe national park and it was such a treat. This park isn’t as busy as Yala so we had some pretty amazing uniterupted sightings from our game vehicle. You can see Asian elephants ( we even saw a baby! ) Loads of bird life, monkeys, crocodiles and buffalos.

8. Go on a beach swing in Sri Lanka

Swings are all the rage in Bali but in Sri Lanka the beach swings are still quite undiscovered. Unawatuna beach is home to one of the swings and it is worth a stop. Right in front of an airbnb called Dream Cabanas you will find the palm tree swing over the ocean. You will have to pay a few dollars but you get three swings and loads of fun!


9. Hike up Little Adams Peak

You might not have time to do Adams Peak but if you are in Ella you should definitely go up it’s namesake. Little Adams peak is a relatively quick and easy hike with epic views of Ella down below. Go up at sunset for an absolute treat.

10. Visit a Temple in Sri Lanka

There are some truly breathtaking temples in Sri Lanka. They are rich with history and visually striking and I would highly suggest visiting a few. We went to the Sacred Temple of the tooth in Kandy, the Neligalla temple in Kandy and the Silver Temple in Ridigama.



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