Fun things to do in Ubud

In a lot of ways Ubud is the cultural hub of Bali. People go there in search of zen, inner peace and their own Eat, Pray, Love moment. Ubud can also be a vibey fun place to visit on your travels through Bali.

If you are in search of some fun activities you will definitely find near Ubud!

1. Campuhan ridge walk

The Campuhan ridge walk is a super beautiful and pretty easy little trek in Ubud. This lush green walk takes you through a jungles landscape which is different to the usual rice paddy scenes.

The best time to go on the walk is at sunrise when it’s a bit cooler and you are bound to see some gorgeous sky colours. It will also be a bit less crowded so perfect to snap those gorgeous photos with the lone palm tree!

2. Go to Tegalalang rice terraces

A 20 minute scooter ride from Ubud center will take you to the most beautiful rice terraces. The Tegalalang terraces might be insta famous but they are definitely still worth a visit.

The terraces are a UNESCO world heritage site and still use the traditional Balinese irrigation system. It is an absolutely gorgeous area to explore but you definitely need to get there early.This will allow you to stroll around without too many people and take that famous photo with the light filtering through the palm trees.

Stay till 9am and get to go on one of the famous Bali swings or take a photo in a Bali nest.Tegalalang was one of my favorite places and a must do on your list of fun things to do in Ubud.

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3. Go waterfall hunting

There are so many insane waterfalls close to Ubud that you just cannot miss! If you ask the locals you might even be able to find some less touristy ones.

The popular ones are Nungnung, Tegenungan and Cepung waterfalls. You might not be able to see all three in one day if you are doing it on a scooter. Get yourself a private driver and spend the day exploring in aircon heaven!

4. Watch monkeys being silly at the Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary

The Ubud Monkey Sanctuary is a forest temple in the heart of Ubud. The sanctuary is open for the monkeys to come and go as they want so nothing like a zoo. They do stay for the safety and the food though! Leave all your valuables ( even sunglasses! ) at home and take a stroll through the forest.

They monkeys love playing and being naught and it’s so much fun to watch! As long as you stay out of their way they wont bother you!

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5. Go on a Bali Swing

Ubud is the birth place of the Bali Swing although you will find more scattered around the island. Swing over the gorgeous palm trees and loose yourself in the moment.

Be prepared to pay and wait in a line those as these have become super popular over the years!

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