Things to do in Ella Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka might be an island but there is a lot of places to cover when visiting. For some of them you definitely need a couple of days to really explore all it has to offer. One of these places is Ella. Ella is a small laid back town surrounded by mountains and lush fields. It has a nice climate due to the fact that it is in the mountains and the vibe is great. We usually try and stay close to the ocean but this was a nice change and there are loads of things to do in Ella so we weren’t bored!

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Hike Little Adams Peak

You don’t need to be a great hiker to hike Little Adams peak! This hike has a big dirt track and some stairs with just a little bit of dirt path towards the top. It is totally worth it for the absolutely beautiful views from above! If you are in the mood for a bit more adventure you can always hike further along the mountain. The path becomes slightly trickier to navigate but the views get even better.

It takes around 40 minutes to hike to the top with some photo stops and a relaxed pace. For any adrenaline junkies you can also book to go on a zipline that is halfway up.

TOP TIP – Don’t forget to wear hiking appropriate clothing and sunscreen! It might not be as much fun to go up in a sundress and sandals.

Visit the Nine Arch Bridge

The now instagram famous Nine Arch Bridge should not be left out of your Ella itinerary. The bridge really is pretty spectacular to look at and the area is also lovely. There might be loads of people hanging around the bridge and waiting for the next train to come past. Don’t be put off, join in and walk across the bridge or grab a coconut and wave at the locals coming past in the train!

If you walk to the bridge from the same road as the Little Adams Peak hike starting point it is also quite a nice walk!


Explore the town

The town of Ella has quite a bit of character and reminded me a lot of Bali. It was almost like a little surfing village in the middle of mountains! Cute cafe’s and vibey hostels can be found here.

We loved just walking around soaking up the sound and connecting with people!

Swim at the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka

Diyaluma falls is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Until very recently is wasn’t well known so expect it to not be as packed as some of the other ones. If you want to visit I would suggest getting a local guide to show you the way as it can become pretty tricky. There aren’t any signs or a clear path so you need to be careful! It takes about 45 minutes to get to the falls from the bottom path. Otherwise you can drive to the very top mountain village and walk from there that will take you about 30 min and less of a steep incline.

The very top of the falls is impressive to look at but a bit scary to swim in. Rather head up a little bit further and swim at the top pools that are more relaxed. Mike even jumped off a mini waterfall that was about 5 meters high although I thought it looked pretty sketchy!

Cool of like a local at Ravanella falls

Ravanella falls is a quick ten minute car ride from town so it’s a bit easier to get to than Diyaluma falls. It is right next to the road so you definitely can’t miss it. There are stalls selling food and trinkets, people having picnics and lots of tourist. This is definitely not the place to get some quite time but it is loads of fun!

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