What we loved and hated about Bali

Let’s face it, Bali sits firmly on most people list of must visit places. It is beyond popular with anyone from honeymooners to solo travellers and digital nomads. After loads of people we know had been we felt like we definitely needed to go! We enjoyed our time there so much that we almost didn’t want to leave. It isn’t without a whole host of problems though which loads of people just never ever seem to mention.


What we LOVED about Bali

The friendly locals

We felt so positive when we were in Bali because we constantly surrounded by smiling faces. The locals in Bali really made us feel so welcome. Even though Bali is overrun with tourists they treat everyone so nicely. We wont ever forget our waitress at a restaurant in Ubud that was so happy to meet us. She took a photo with us and uploaded it to her facebook immediately. It was so sweet!

Amazing food we couldn’t stop eating

Seriously though if you have been to Bali you know the food is pretty next level. Even the local food is different wherever you go and so inexpensive. Don’t get us started on the vegan friendly cafe’s and the absolute foodie paradise that is Canggu!

We felt like we ate our way around Bali and we weren’t even mad about it.

Cheap prices for almost everything

We got some seriously good accommodation for such good deals but it wasn’t just that. Transport is so cheap especially scooters. The price of food had my mouth watering and even activities are priced at a budget.

This makes it such a great place to stay a bit longer, explore a bit more and eat all the food!

Gorgeous scenery and loads of adventure

If you are in need of a good adventure then Bali is the place. We had so many epic moments I lost count! It is so much fun to explore all the different areas and just be wowed by the different cool scenery.

Whisking about on our scooter

I must admit at first I was beyond apprehensive to scooter around in Bali. Mike has a license and I sat at the back. The first time we tried it out I was the worst but I soon got used to it. We just love how much freedom you have on a scooter and it was definitely the quickest way to get places.

Bintang orange radler

Bintang is a great beer and super cheap as well. I am not the biggest beer drinker so I stuck to Bintang radler and oh boy was I addicted. Our absolute favorite though was the orange flavoured radler. You could only get it in the supermarket so make sure to go buy some when you are in Bali!

What we hated about Bali

The trash everywhere

The unfortunate reality is that Bali doesn’t have a great system for recycling or trash management so a lot of the trash made by locals and tourists alike end up everywhere. On the streets, on the beaches and in the water. We wanted to take a photo on a beautiful beach but there was so much trash we decided to do a clean up instead. Our bags of trash will most probably still end up somewhere they shouldn’t though. At least it brings a bit of attention to the situation for people to be more responsible tourists!

Crazy traffic and nail biting driving

I did mention how much we loved driving around on our scooter but… Some of the trips we did especially in busier towns like Ubud was crazy! The cars and scooters seem to come from all sides and road rules don’t seem like a thing. The locals blend in seamlessly with this but the tourists not so much. I am pretty sure most foreigners that go to Bali do not have a motorbike license which is pretty irresponsible. We saw foreigners driving without helmets, randomly stopping in the middle of the road to check google maps and just pretty much sucking at driving. Do not be one of those people!

Stray animals

My heart really breaks when I see stray animals. I know a lot of countries deal with this but it still made us feel so awful when we were in Bali. We just wanted to pack them all in our bags and take them home! It was one of the things we hated about Bali because it left our hearts so sore!

Being scared of getting conned

Getting conned in Bali is quite a big thing at the moment. It has happened to numerous people we know and really put a damper on our trip. The scam we were really scared of was the ATM one. Basically there are a lot of dodgy ATM’s in Bali and when you draw cash from them they steal whatever you have left in your account or some random large amounts. We kind of developed a system just in case. We would use an old empty bank card and deposit the amount we wanted to withdraw and then use that card so that there is no money left! It seemed to have worked and thankfully we headed home scam free!

The airport

The airport in Bali was like something we have never experienced. It was busy and also a bit nerve wrecking! We waited for more than an hour to just get through passport control. Apparently we landed at the busiest time of day. Then we got stopped at customs and they searched through absolutely every single thing in all our bags. This took another hour and a bit. It really started our trip on a bit of a sour note. The people at the airport were all so friendly though so that helped at least! After our airport drama all we wanted was a cold Bintang!


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  • Stephanie

    Aug 29, 2019

    What you hated about Bali is the same as what I hate about Mauritius! It’s dirty, full of strays, driving on the roads is dangerous and you get scammed at most informal vendors for example ice cream, markets, taxis.


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